Readers' Thoughts on the novels of Randolph Mase

“I was initially interested in the book because it dealt with NY City and especially Broadway. There were so many unexpected twists to the plot that the ending was suspenseful and left me hoping that there is a sequel. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves murder mysteries.”

– Reader in New York

“Randolph Mase has really started something with his first two Matt Hogan mysteries… If you want something to take with you for an entertaining and short escape, grab Mase’s Death on Broadway and Death Beneath the Streets. This is going to be a hot series so hurry up and write another one, Mr. Mase. I love his knowledge and appreciation of NYC and his easy style that simply allows the reader to enjoy the mystery. Well worth picking up for a train ride or an evening read!”

– Reader in New York

“There are some very good things in it…”

– Mystery book editor

“If you are a fan of NYC and great detective work, this book delivers…a great book to fall into and enjoy. It’s particularly interesting if you have an affection for New York or have visited the Big Apple enough to know your way around.”

– Reader in Pennsylvania

“There are a lot of things [Mase is] doing right here…a clear, lucid style.”

– Literary Agent

“It was enjoyable…I thought the clues and coordinated explanations were clever…an impressive debut!”

– University Professor in Massachusetts

“I wanted a quick, fun ‘escape.’ Mr. Mase’s short, fun-to-read, and delightful murder mystery gave me just that. I loved getting to know Matthew Hogan and feel like I got the enjoyment and richness of a much longer novel in a crisp, well-packaged mystery! Please write another one ASAP, Mr. Mase!”

– Reader in New York